Furnishing and decorating a space that accommodates many people, means being able to give it a shape. Mazzoli has been doing it for forty years, with the collaboration of the best architects and designers and in close cooperation with customers.
Each and every aspect of the project is under the responsibility of a qualified professional and all details are carefully taken care of. This is the only way to be sure that everything customer wants is exactly what he or she gets.


Style coherence, design adaptability and proven experience in the hospitality sector – these are the values allowing to successfully complete all types of project. With Mazzoli, you enter the most advanced dimension of hotel furniture with prestige and elegance.

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Furnishing a restaurant is challenging. Spaces must be designed combining the needs of a dynamic and working environment, but at the same time of a cozy and familiar dining room.

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The magic of theater is not only what happens on the stage. It is the atmosphere that actually makes it a enchanted place. Decor, curtains and lights make us enter another dimension.

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Communication is effective only if the audience is in the best condition to learn. Mazzoli is the perfect patner for anyone wanting to build, adapt or renew auditoriums, concert halls, lecture halls, assembly halls, etc.

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Every work is a new incentive, a new experience, and brings new knowledge. This is why Mazzoli cooperates with architects and designers, to realize unique, tailor-made projects that enhance all spaces.

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