Being part of the interior design history, and even becoming a reference point, has required time, commitment and perseverance. And it has also required to be recognized as such by many world famous architects and designers, who have decided to work with Mazzoli. Just to name a few:

Flavio Albanese, Gabriella Bonandini, Bonetti-Ciusa-Hauner, Luciano Bertoncini, Cairoli Associati, Michele De Lucchi, Pietro Del Vaglio, Fabio Gigli, Eric Gottein, Don All, Luca Leonori, Stéphane Mathieu, Angelo Mena, Peduzzi Riva, Gianni Plazzogna, J.C. Ponthus, Giancarlo Prandelli.

Stéphane Mathieu

Stephane Mathieu’s interests are various, just as his production, but there is always a common element: nature. From nature, Mathieu takes ideas, proportions, and color combinations. He has been into sport design, as well as into luxury design for famous brands such as Kenzo, Hermès, Cartier, Chanel.

For several years, he has designed yacht and custom-made cars, but in the meantime he has always devoted himself to his passion, creating interior design items, both in Italy and abroad.

He has won many prizes for his creations. For Mazzoli, he has designed the unique Grand Blanc and the iconic Loft.

When he started to work for Mazzoli, Pietro del Vaglio had great experience in consultancy for the sets and costumes of the most famous Italian theaters.

His works were displayed at the Chicago Design Museum. His collections have also been featured in numerous inaugurations of show rooms in Europe, Moscow and USA.

With Mazzoli, he has been able to combine the emotional intensity typical of theaters and the technical and academic competence.

The result of these experiences and contaminations are design works mixing theater spectacularity and modern lines, classical proportions and ergonomic innovation, such as the Rolling line.

Pietro del Vaglio

Eleonore Peduzzi-Riva

She has been an important artist starting from the Seventies. Besides private and public architecture, Eleonore Peduzzi-Riva, has always been interested in design.  While working with preeminent companies, such as Artemide, she designed Vacuna table lamp and Spyros ashtray. In addition, she created the great DS-600 sofa, designed with Ueli Berger, Heinz Ulrich and Klaus Vogt for De Sed. In Mazzoli, she has brought her huge experience and ability to foresee trends, transforming them into art objects. She collaborated with Architect Pietro Del Vaglio for the concept of the iconic Rolling armchair.