The Sixties were the “Golden Age” of Italian design – new materials, unprecedented style and innovative ideas. Mazzoli was founded in that very moment, and rapidly became a benchmark for interior design. Since then, the company has strived for the realization of timeless furniture, using the most advanced technologies, pure lines, cutting-edge materials and classical proportions.
In the Seventies, Mazzoli started exhibiting in the most important trade shows worldwide.

In the following decade, study and experience allowed the company to specialize in the restoration of historic teathers. Mazzoli designed customized furniture, that mixed contemporary taste and celebration of past atmospheres.


Particulars are important. Artworks are flawless combinations of perfect details. For this reason, every single Mazzoli product is constantly perfected, from design to delivery. Material selection, production and assembly procedures undergo painstaking quality controls – and this is what makes each and every object impeccable.

In the Two-Thousands, Mazzoli opened two new showrooms in Brescia, Italy, and in Cannes, on the French Riviera.

At the same time, the company moved its production to the new headquarters of Torbole Casaglia, Italy, where you can also find another 1,500 square meter showroom displaying home, hotel and theatre collections.