Particulars are important.

Artworks are flawless combinations of perfect details.

For this reason, every single Mazzoli product is constantly perfected, from design to delivery.


Material selection, production and assembly procedures undergo painstaking quality controls – and this is what makes each object impeccable.


Quality, thickness and origin are key points to select leather. Mazzoli has always chosen the best tanneries, to get excellent finished products.


We select the best suppliers based on their quality, creativity and innovation. We have a preference for fabrics realized with sustainable productive processes and natural yarns.


At Mazzoli, we have always used solid wood. All of our frames for both the home and contract sector have always been entirely realized in solid wood, to ensure timeless solidity.

The attention to details and passion for craftsmanship are core values for us.


The artisan’s hands define the soul of Mazzoli products. The passion and experience of those who work every day on raw materials turn all Mazzoli creations into unique objects.


On the one hand, Mazzoli nurtures the Italian manufacturing tradition. On the other hand, Mazzoli pays great attention to new materials and to the most up-to-date processes and design trends.


A setting is enhanced by the fusion of furniture and space. All Mazzoli products can be modified in size, covers, finishes, wood colors, and even customized with embroidery and other details.
In addition, we realize bespoke or highly-customized products for the Contract sector.


Mazzoli relies on expert craftsmen, but also trusts the potential of new generations. For this reason, younger employees are tutored by experienced colleagues, that take good care of handing down the secrets of manufacturing.


Mazzoli takes great care of the quality of its production, and guarantees excellence in all aspects of its work.


Over the years, Mazzoli has been promoting actions to improve environmental respect, reducing waste in all its processes, choosing eco-friendly materials, and opting for trash recycling both in its production site and in its stores. In addition, we have started to install energy-saving devices in all our locations.


Mazzoli quality is a global one and is reached thanks to the many controls on all the productive process, that guarantee the perfect finished product.